The Politically Homeless Christian

How to conquer political idolatry, reject polarization, and recommit to God’s greatest two commandments.

Use Aaron Schafer’s guided journal to dive deeper into your own faith and consider where God is calling you next in your journey to love others better through the way we approach our politics.

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The Politically Homeless Christian

Christians are feeling a deep political homelessness. They agree with aspects of each party and are turned off completely by other aspects. They long for a world where fellow Christians don't worship political figures and demonize those they disagree with. They want Christians to actually get back to worshiping Jesus and spending time in the Bible, instead of listening to talk radio, podcasts, and other media. They are deciding what to believe based on what society tells them a good Christian should believe when it comes to politics.

In this book, I attempt to uncover why this is the case, and provide Christians with a means of establishing their political beliefs outside of the tempting or persuasive voices pushed on us by the external world.

I hope this book empowers you to take back your own sets of values, as informed by your Christianity, and to provide you a quiet meditation with God that can set you up for faithful success each and every day!


“We were never meant to find our home in a single political party. As Christians, our identity should be rooted only in Christ. We should be politically homeless.”


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Knowledge of what the Bible actually says about what we are to look for in a wise leader as we think about who to cast our vote for.

An understanding of the importance of not turning politics into an idol that causes us to stray away from what Jesus taught us it means, as his followers, to love God and love others through everything we do.

How can Christians be part of the solution to the polarization and vitriol we see in society today and not contribute to the deepening divide.

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about the author


Aaron Schafer is a Christian author, blogger, podcaster, and motivational speaker. Through his various platforms, Aaron seeks to help his readers and listeners create fertile soil in their lives for God's word to take root and produce 100 times what was sown. Aaron previously ran the Young Adult Community at Trinity Church in Lansing, MI and has been heavily involved in local outreach, youth ministry, and sports ministry as well. Aaron is the best selling author of "The Politically Homeless Christian: How to Conquer Political Idolatry, Reject Polarization, and Recommit to God's Greatest Two Commandments." In this book Aaron explores how the American Church has allowed politics to play a large role in shaping our identities and how we can break free from this cycle so that we can love God and love others better through our politics.




The book cover itself is self explanatory of how a LOT of believers feel right now. Regardless of the current election, politics in general can be a really tough area for believers to figure out who they think they should vote for. The wonderful thing about this book is the goal of the book is not to discern who "the right" person is to vote for, it's to bring yourself and others back to Christ and how to love others like Jesus amidst any political discussion, turmoil, or discernment.

Sarah Maddack

While I didn’t agree with everything the author states in this book, it definitely made me think more deeply about some issues and how we as Christians take part in the political process. I have never been one to identify with a political party; I vote based on what leaders have actually done in the past (not what they say), and how those actions align with biblical principles. That said, we need to think more deeply about many issues and how they can reasonably be addressed rather than just defending our position.

Jennifer Yates

Being a believer, I was always curious how politics would relate to my faith and I never really knew how to tie them together or what to believe about anything political. I saw this book and thought it would be the perfect educational piece that I needed to get my mind right. I really love the in-depth explanation of how we as Christians are called to engage in political matters, what we should truly be looking for in leaders, and how we can express love in a political landscape. The references to the Word are a nice touch and leaves lots of room for prayer, thought, and reflection. I will definitely be recommending this book to my small group bible study!

Tyler Phillips

Now that the election is over, I’ve picked the book back up and just finished it last night. Beyond challenging me on who I voted for, The Politically Homeless Christian is helping me focus on my main role as a Christian: loving my neighbor. Just like the quote says, “all politics is local”, I would add to that, “all love is local”. Since I can’t love my neighbor or participate in any real constructive work by watching Fox News, CNN or MSNBC, I need to turn it off, and refocus on who is right in front of me (At least for the next 3 1/2 years :)).

Christian C.

Thank you Aaron for sharing your journey. I sincerely appreciate the time, tools and thought you put in to this. More importantly I am thankful for the personal challenges throughout the book to pray, repent, search my heart, bible check, and truly follow Christ. You kept Christ ant the center, demonstrated the fruits of the Spirit and shared a Gospel message all while talking about politics. You were Spirit lead in this project, no doubt.


THIS! This is what I have been looking for! I was hooked on page one. I thought I would browse it before going to bed, the next moment I looked up it was 1am. This book is beautifully written and made me stop, think, question myself and go back and reread what I had just read. I woke up the next morning and immediately picked it up again. I found myself thinking about it all day. I can't think the last time, (if ever), I have read something that has moved AND challenged me like this author does. It is something I want to share with others. It makes me want to revisit conversations I have had with people that in the past I was to uncomfortable to take to a deeper level. THIS!



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Get my “easy-to-use” journal to start informing all your decisions with the word of God and your own moral musings!

Get my “easy-to-use” journal to start informing all your decisions with the word of God and your own moral musings!